"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"

- William Yeats

iTeacher Online student sessions

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"This is awesome! If anyone is on the fence about whether to do these workshops! You should - Andrew is awesome at connecting with the kids, inspiring them to be creative and to use the iPad in innovative ways!"

Jen Boer - Teacher/Parent

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Online Workshops for Students

Create and innovate

Daily workshops run by a classroom teacher. Designed to encourage students to unlock their imagination and enhance learning through creativity. All sessions are designed around critical thinking and engagement that lasts way beyond the initial 'chalk and talk' webinar.

Parents are free to join their child and learn alongside them. Using a variety of free apps students will also be able to upload their work and get feedback from the teacher. 

Sessions vary from art & design, film making, stop-motion animation and photography.
Check the workshop page to see which sessions are currently running, or contact iTeacher for details.

1-on-1 Student Tutoring

Focussed individual learning

Home schooling can be a real stress for parents in the current climate. If you need some extra support for your child, why not book an hour with iTeacher.

These sessions can be tailored to your child and can range from curriculum subjects to coding.

Or maybe just forget the worksheets for a while and let their creativity run amok. All session are run by a classroom teacher with all current WWC checks.

If you'd like more information on these sessions please don't hesitate to contact iTeacher through email or chat below.

iTeacher Training Webinars

Up skill and empower teachers

Increase your confidence in all areas of teaching with the iPad, with a variety of iTeacher Online Modules. Designed to give teachers practical and applicable ideas for an iPad classroom.

All sessions can be custom built to be as effective as possible for your school and staff. Please contact me for details.


What parents and teachers are saying about the sessions.

I found my daughter loved using the iPad creatively. After her online session she just wanted to keep working and improve on her design. We did the butterfly lesson and loved it.
Highly recommended."

Lee Palmer - Parent

Andrew's online iPad class was a fantastic experience for my 6 year old. As a teacher he was able to engage and educate my daughter during a creative session and she absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing your expertise and making it so much fun for the kids

Alisa Koch - Parent

We had the most amazing session today with Andrew, we learnt so many amazing things and are super excited to now teach the other Stage 1 classes and share the knowledge!

Kaity Taylor - Teacher

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